Entwicklung Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für die Elektromobilität


von kundenindividuellen Behältern

Without lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), success in electromobility would be impossible. As this sector grows, the demand for individual solutions for their disposal is also rising. This is why we focus on research and development:

  • Thanks to our many years’ experience in the conception, production and development of high-quality, UN-conforming transportation,_ quarantine- and storage crates for LIBs, we have become a world leader in this field.
  • Our product portfolio offers solutions for large and small quantities. And it also offers tailor-made, individual solutions.

Rapid, constant adjustments to the changing legal standards and requirements of electromobility are a matter, of course, thanks to our development department and our close links with the responsible authorities.

Our team of engineers and technicians keeps up with the times.
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Fire tests

For several years, we have been carrying out real fire tests for international customers from the automotive sector using lithium-ion batteries in our storage and transport containers.

In our tests, thermal runaway is provoked in our “specimens” (single cells, modules and/or batteries) of its own accord using recognised scientific methods.

The performance of the LogBATT boxes is assured based on the demands of ADR 2023.

The results are documented, analysed and prepared both for our customers and for authorities and institutions. The following criteria are applied:

  • The temperature of the external surface may not exceed 100 °C
  • No flames may form outside the package
  • No projectiles may escape from the package
  • The structural integrity of the package must not be compromised
  • The packaging must have a gas management system


The LogBATT research department systematically and creatively searches for new scientific discoveries in the field of lithium-ion battery transport and storage container safety.

We use this knowledge for the development of new applications. We work with universities and research institutes to further develop our knowledge in the field of transport safety – an example would be our current research project in partnership with the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology).

A constant challenge is the development of a modular system to filter out toxic and flammable gases in connection with a suitable transportation box to move damaged to unsafe (critical) lithium-ion batteries around on land, on sea and in the air.