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Li-ion battery

logistics thought through from end to end

Our certified, exclusive network of partner companies allows you to transport batteries of all sizes. We have recently formed links with logistics partners in italy, netherland, ungary, france and poland.

With our specialist focus on Li-battery transportation, we offer Europe-wide disposal and worldwide logistics. We can also provide you with our own hazardous waste transport crates, which you can use to dispatch defective or damaged and critical cells, modules and batteries.

Hazardous goods logistics with lithium-ion batteries

A single provider offering an all-inclusive service package

We will take on all possible hazardous waste processes. If desired, we will go beyond just transportation, handling the packaging, loading and labelling of your UN3480 / UN3481 lithium-ion batteries.

  • Specialised in Li-ion battery transport
  • Personnel trained to the highest standards
  • Hazardous goods experts
  • Authorisation to collect, transport and provide disposal services for hazardous waste (AVV 160 121, AVV 16 06 05)
  • Battery transportation in all sizes
  • Forklift service
  • Disposal logistics
  • Express service
  • LogBATT network solution (blanket coverage thanks to exclusive, certified logistics partners)
  • Own training centre and concept
  • Provision of own hazardous waste transport crates for the transport of critically defective or damaged cells, modules and batteries with our SafetyBATTbox
  • Milk-run system available with our SafetyBATTbox storage containers and/or SafetyBATTbox transport containers
  • Handling all hazardous waste and disposal-related paperwork
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Comprehensive solution

We can offer services covering the entire supply chain in battery logistics, from development, testing and production to aftersales and disposal logistics – and, with our all-inclusive service package, all of this comes from the same supplier.

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Disposal logistics

No matter whether we’re talking a single battery or a complete shipment of several tonnes, whether delivered to a testing institution, production facility, aftersales at a car showroom, specialist or to your customer on site: With our team, we will take over all hazardous goods activities, including disposal, recycling, providing every waste legislation and hazardous goods approval needed and the documentation to go with it.


All our vehicles, from sprinters to lorries, have the necessary ADR equipment and have been specially adapted according to official requirements for the transport of critically defective batteries, for example, with the inclusion of 6x air exchange.

Kiste safety m min

Container rental

All our transport containers, developed and manufactured in-house, are authorised for hazardous goods including critically defective batteries to P911/LP906 and inspected for compliance. With our four different sizes of SafetyBATTbox, we can offer you all the containers you need for rental as part of our logistics services and all-inclusive service package.

Packaging training

Worldwide and digital training opportunities on how to package critically defective batteries can also be offered by our LogBATT Academy.

LogBATT network solution

In order to provide blanket coverage and scalable logistics in a dynamically growing market for our customers in Germany and across Europe, we offer access to network partners who have been trained and certified by LogBATT GmbH as part of our specially developed network for battery logistics.