LogBATT and Munk Group present SafetyBATTbox RESCUE for firefighters

This premiere from the leading manufacturer of transport and quarantine boxes for lithium ion batteries and the equipment supplier for emergency services creates a new milestone in the history of both companies. Logbatt’s safety box combined with Munk’s trolley gives fire departments the ability to quickly bring damaged, defective or conspicuous HV storage under control at the scene of an accident to save lives and prevent the spread of fire. Furthermore, it is planned to exchange the boxes via a milkrun system at the scene of the accident and to bring the lithium ion battery through the LogBATT transport fleet for UN-compliant disposal.

We are proud of this strategic cooperation and the extremely positive feedback at the international trade fairs, said Ferdinand Munk and Michael Knobloch. The product in combination is now available exclusively from the Munk Group.  

Kiste munk