LogBATT, New Head Office and Temporary Storage

LogBATT has opened its new site in Plochingen, Germany, which provides space for 40 employees and includes a production facility, logistics head office and a development centre for transport and storage boxes for the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries. The company plans to further expand its position as a leading provider of total battery logistics solutions in Europe. In this context, the new operational centre for logistics with a focus on lithium-ion batteries will play an important role. The company is investing in state-of-the-art technologies and an optimised working environment to offer its customers the best possible quality and efficiency.

Logbatt news

LogBATT also opened an interim storage facility in Bispingen in March 2023, which has a capacity of approximately 1500 tonnes of end-of-life batteries. The 16 bunkers are specifically designed for the storage of lithium-ion batteries and are ideally located geographically between Zwickau, Hamburg, Leipzig and Hanover. Further interim storage facilities for lithium-ion batteries are being planned to meet the increasing demands of the market.

The company LogBATT has built up a strong position in the battery logistics market in recent years. It specialises in lithium-ion batteries and offers its customers tailor-made solutions, products and services for the total battery logistics solution. With the new headquarters in Plochingen and the opening of the interim storage facility in Bispingen, LogBATT continues its expansion strategy and positions itself as the leading provider of battery logistics in Europe.