Containment for conspicuous and damaged lithium batteries

In August 2023, the first tested and approved safety container for conspicuous and damaged lithium batteries of this type and design was put into service by a fire brigade. The container was developed and built by LogBATT according to the wishes and specifications of the Karlstein fire brigade. The prototype was on display at the Interschutz 2022 at the stand of MUNK Rettungstechnik. MUNK now also sells this container – together with a matching trolley, in the fire service sector.

The safety container has an empty weight of 156 kg and a tested and approved payload of 100 kg net of lithium batteries. The container has two skids and a DIN lock. It also has four foldable carrying handles for transport to the site (all similar to a portable fire pump). 

For filling the tank with water (if required by the application), the containment has a C-Storz connection, another C-Storz connection at the same height is used for overflow or ventilation during filling/blowing process. 

A thermometer is installed in the middle of the container, from which the internal temperature can be read from the outside at any time. It is advisable to check the temperature again and again, at least in the initial phase, and above all to make a note of it. For later disposal of any contaminated water, a tanker coupling (TKW) is fitted at the very bottom. A vacuum truck, for example, can then be connected directly here and sucked off; alternatively, the dirty water can be pumped off with a TUP or hand diaphragm pump, for example. 

Gases produced in the container are led outside via a filter system integrated in the lid. This ensures that no overpressure can occur in the container. 

The container is available for any operation in connection with lithium batteries and can be requested via the ILS Bay. Untermain accordingly. As an example, we would like to mention operations with home storage units, e-bikes, e-scooters or similar. For larger quantities of affected batteries, we would like to remind you of the roll-off container “Wanne”, which is also kept in Karlstein and has a total capacity of 20.5 cubit metres. Or the likewise tested and approved transport box of max. 3 kg net mass of batteries, which can also be requested at any time via the ILS. The following containment is currently being transported by the GW-U of the Karlstein fire brigade.